Albanian taste in the US.
Lufra starts to export!

Pictures from across the Atlantic Ocean reach our phones. A newly purchased Lufra product, or empty space on a US supermarket shelf.

This is a big achievement for the Ndreka family. We have seen new products on the market, such as yogurt “Tradita” with the unique taste of the country yogurt, whey or even buttermilk with cucumber flavor. Going back in time through taste is an interesting journey for everyone, the memories come back and you gain more security, you connect more strongly with your land. Imagine an Albanian living in America to try such a taste… At this point, the trade of a product is no longer just a business, but a mission. During an interview, Luis Ndreka, shows that there are many factors that motivated the undertaking of this step for Lufra. Experience in the market for 29 years, positioning and recognition as a quality leader, consolidating relationships with partners from around the world, investing in production capacity, operating throughout the Republic of Albania, are some of the reasons why the company is today in its expansion phase.

In an interview with Businessmag Luis says that “for many years, our mission has been to raise the standards of production of fresh dairy products in Albania so that Albanian consumers eat healthy. Today we say with pride that we have fulfilled our mission, so we need to work for a new mission, the dignified presentation of Made in Albania products beyond the borders. We believe that the taste of our products carries the Albanian tradition, which we say with conviction that it is worth presenting to the world”.

The long journey of this second phase, in which Lufra is entering, begins with the focus given to the livestock and agriculture sector, being also the origin of the products that are produced. Agriculture in the country, due to the favorable climate, ensures that the products have a traditional Albanian taste. But this is not enough. For a successful production chain, there needs to be a successful supplier structure. Dairy farms have been the focus of this company for years. Franc Ndreka, tells us that, “We have started to contribute directly to the development of this sector, by offering various financial schemes for farm expansion, interest-free loans, only to invest in increasing the qualitative and quantitative production capacities, the agreement with the bank “Pro Credit” for loans with low-interest rates for farmers or the establishment of the foundation “Albanian Livestock and Agriculture”, which aims to provide assistance to farmers as information, training and basic equipment to improve the hygiene and quality of milk”. With the expansion of the company, the demand for raw materials increases and consequently the “pressure” on farmers to increase their capacity.

Therefore, the news that you can now consume “Tradita” yogurt or Lufra buttermilk, 100% Albanian products, on the streets of Florida, Philadelphia, New York, etc., is a success, not only for the company, but for everyone food industry in our country. Why is the US the first destination for Lufra exports ?! Considering the large number of Albanians in the US (over 60,000), the space in the US market for these specific products such as buttermilk and yogurt, but also The growing demand of the American market for healthy products, made Lufra decide that the US should mark the beginning of its exports. But, France shows that they work to export to some neighboring countries and beyond. What is the impact? “We can proudly say that the success in sales has exceeded our expectations. Every day we receive from customers and associates pictures of empty shelves in a very short time as the products reach the markets. Apart from the pride that is noticed in the impressions of the Albanian customers, we notice that the taste of our products is also desirable by the American consumer, for whom it is a new taste and has not been tried before “, show the Ndreka boys. In the future, the objective is to increase the range of products being exported. Even if there is enough market, Lufra will set up a company branch in the US.

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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