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“The company ‘Lufra’ is a contemporary investment, where the product is not manipulated. The unbranded farmer milk you might get on the open market is at high risk, there may be bacteria and harmful microbes that you as a consumer, do not know about. Our company works from the farmer to the milking hygiene and up to the factory. The consumer is at risk when buying products in uncontrolled places, when he spends many hours on the sidewalk and at high temperatures, the bacterial load is at over 5 million. Also, not stopping the milk trade any day, because the cow has not been vaccinated, or has never been sick. In the company we have farmers who deal with the training of other farmers “- says Mrs. Antoneta Ndreka during interviews for informing the public.

Mrs. Ndreka said that the problem is the fact that veterinarians do not know the importance of antibiotics in animals, which directly affects the milk consumed by citizens.


“There have been cases when the farmer himself does not know the importance of the antibiotic, he even declares that the milk he sells is the one he consumes himself. We had a case when the milk came out with antibiotics, the farmer had treated the cow’s bites because she had an infection, which is reflected in the milk. Today, we can say that there is less phenomenon of selling milk on the street. The consumer must be responsible for purchasing controlled products. In our factory we have the tools to remove 95% of milk bacteria. I had a piece of advice for all consumers not to buy products on the street, but in companies that have responsibilities for you “- declared Mrs. Ndreka in a show to raise public awareness.

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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