Here is how 1500 Albanian farmers
are preparing for the new challenges!

There are many challenges facing Albanian farmers and ranchers in the global pandemic situation, market dynamics, and demands for rising standards, especially dairy.

Caring for cattle, feeding, milking and caring for them is a job that you can not postpone to the next day, but requires dedication. The demand for high-quality milk from the leading company “Lufra”, has encouraged farmers to embrace the modernization of services in this sector.

But this is not achieved alone! “Lufra” has in its mission to help Albanian farmers and empower them to increase production capacity and milk quality. “Without a quality raw material, a milk of high standards can not be produced” – says Mrs. Antoneta Ndreka, co-founder of the company “Lufra”, while emphasizing the sentences of prominent professors in international training.

Lufra offers a new approach to work in this sector. Following the meetings for the support of farmers, in September, the company held a meeting with farmers to present ways of economic relief and benefits from credit schemes, as a result of the agreements that “Lufra” has with the bank Pro Credit. Lufra partner farms benefit from loans with 2% lower interest. The company’s strategy to create an organic link between nature and the consumer comes from the farm.

“Lufra” is in a close relationship with farmers cooperating with 1500 Albanian medium and large farms, ranging from 5 to 700 cows. But the company does not visit farms only when it receives milk. The farmers themselves tell us about the innovations in the agro-processing sector in Albania.

Mr. Altin Kaja, a tireless farmer who has been cooperating with the company “Lufra” for many years, says: “I am satisfied with this cooperation. For my farm with 100 cows, financial support is provided, continuous control by the collection managers of the company, veterinary assistance and training seminars for the improvement of the farm conditions or the maintenance of the cows ”.

Ms. Mihane, one of the few women who continues the farming profession, was impressed by the training on ‘Ventilation and Cooling’ of livestock stables with the well-known company “CMP Ventilation”, which was conducted by the company “Lufra” for all farmers. A very important process for the maintenance of optimal conditions of livestock, improving the quality and quantity of milk.

Every year, in January, “Lufra” offers the “Farm of the Year” award, an appreciation given to the most dedicated farmers.

Also for the products “Tradita” produced by “Lufra”, 5 lekë of each product sold, go to the Foundation “Albanian Agriculture and Livestock” to help farmers. Inspired by the difficulties in which Albanian agriculture and livestock are, this foundation was created in 2020 by the founders of the company “Lufra”.


“Behind the delicious products on the customers’ tables are over 300 dedicated employees who work tirelessly to guarantee quality and food safety, farmers and their love for nature and livestock and most importantly is the promise made to consumers for hygiene and food safety. We have realized that there should be a close and sincere relationship between us and farmers, to support, promote and orient the modernization and development of the livestock sector. “Our farmers are very proud to see Lufra products being exported overseas to the United States.” – says Mr. Luis Ndreka, administrator of the company “Lufra”.

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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