Who was the winner of the Lufra Award for Farm of the Year 2021?

Lufra is a dairy company that has traditionally taken care to have quality and healthy products for the consumers. We are at all times in close cooperation with farmers to get a quality raw material, but also to support their development.


One of our goals is to facilitate the economic growth of the farms and help our partner farms get low interest loans. “Blegtoria dhe Bujq;sia Shqiptare” Foundation, created by the founders of Lufra, supports the farmers. Did you know that 5 lek of each product sold by the brand ‘Tradita’ goes to farmers?

Lufra is in cooperation with farms ranging from 7-1000 head of cows from which not only receives milk, but also ensures proper quality and hygiene by providing various trainings to them. 

An important element to support partner farms is also the support with veterinary specialists so as not to affect the quality of the product consumed.


“Lufra” organizes at the beginning of each year the “Farm of the Year” award, from which the winner was announced Mrs. Mihane Stafa among all other partners. Her dedication was appreciated with this award as a result of her daily hygiene and care. Mrs. Mihane together with her family have shown commitment and have maintained the quality of the product which has been of the same quality throughout the analysis performed.

You can see the dedication and love for the cows from the first moment we enter to Mrs.’s farm. We can see the purity and order that clearly shows her devotion. You can hear the music that accompanies every work process. Did you know that cows when they listen to music are calmer and produce more milk?


Mrs. Mihane is one of the few women farmers who runs her business. Despite the volume of work, quality has been primary and has not been lacking at any point. She says that she is very happy for the productive cooperation with Lufra and that she feels supported at all times for her needs in business.


Such collaborations full of love and support are the key to success, as each of us in this partnership has only one goal: maximum quality and gratitude to nature.

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