Lufra starts exporings to Kosovo.

With more than 29 years of experience in the market, positioning and recognition as a quality leader, consolidating relationships with partners from all around the world, investing in production capacity, operating throughout the Republic of Albania, but above all the vision to make products “Made in Albania” desired worldwide are some of the main reasons why Lufra is today in its expansion phase.




After a long and intensive work for the first time in January Lufra started exports to Kosovo. The demands to have Lufra products in Kosovo have been endless! Now in our inbox will not only come photos with the famous buttermilk or other Lufra products during holidays and visits to Albania, but also as part of the dinner tables of their families on a daily basis! Now our brothers in Kosovo can find Lufra products in the nearest markets.

Lufra has established its branch in Prishtina, in Çaklavica, where there are also considerable refrigeration spaces for storing products in optimal conditions. This is an important step for our company, but also an even more important step for Albanian products to be present in the markets of the region and beyond. We remind you that Lufra has been exporting across the Atlantic Ocean to the USA for 1 year. 

Our goal is the presentation of “Made in Albania” products beyond the borders as we believe that the taste of our products carries the Albanian tradition, which we say with conviction that it is worth presenting to the world.

We want to be a model that is followed by working people, as a company of the highest standards which represents Albania with dignity around the world but also a safe and serious partner for our associates and farmers.

The work does not stop! We continue with the vision to make ‘Made in Albania’ products desired and trusted all over the world!

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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Lufra Foods is a food and beverage company which produces and distributes its own very successful brands like Lufra, Tido, Tradita, Beneta and Dukat water, and also distributes other regional and international imported brands.