Food Waste Awareness Week!

About a third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted. All this situation causes about 8-10% of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Food abuse is a major polluter as much as the residues of other pollutants. Every year, in order to raise awareness, Food Waste Week is organized. The aim is to make consumers aware of how we use food. Lufra also joins this cause by being a leading company in the dairy processing industry.
But what is Lufra’s commitment to this cause? It all starts with the customer and his needs.
A quality packaging is essential for maintaining the freshness and longevity of the product in the refrigerator. Our products are very easy to use and the quantity determined by the products is determined by the customer. Yes, the consumer determines what is the amount in liters or grams he wants to consume. “Lufra” has translated the voice of consumers into the product.
In the case of “Lufra” Fresh Milk we have seen that consumers want the 1.4L format, but there are also small families or students who have excess milk in the 1.4L format. To eliminate the misuse of the product by consumers, “Lufra” has introduced to the market the 1L format of milk.

Not only that, but we also offer a variety of UHT milk in Tetrapack packaging, at fat levels ranging from 0.5%, 1.5% and 3.5% fat which has the highest shelf life.
Lufra is committed through the education program to encourage consumers to use the products in the most responsible way possible, without wasting or wasting food. We are aware of the challenges many families face in securing their daily food.
Our products offer a different range of products as well as quantities, giving the consumer the opportunity to consume only the product he needs and without wasting food.
Our Tetrapak packaging is also an important element for the protection of the planet and thanks to this packaging we have reduced by about 30% the amount of waste, thus reducing soil and air pollution. Tetrapack packaging is one of the safest packaging on the planet and we are nature travelers. A long journey with nature, thanks to which we are very grateful!
Production optimization is also a key factor that positively influences this cause. In our factories, we work continuously to minimize waste, through intelligent technology and close cooperation with customers and suppliers.
Last but not least is the commitment of our company to help as few families in need in cooperation with trusted organizations in Albania as ‘Fundjava Ndryshe’.
Supporting a cause for us is to work with a purpose and to contribute to your community, and we are ready at any moment to say YES to honest work, support and cooperation!

Çdo ditë sjellim në tryezat tuaja produktet më të shëndetshme të qumështit të freskët, të kontrolluara dhe të përpunuara sipas standarteve bashkëkohore Europiane.

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