Our health depends on us!

In our daily life we consume a variety of different products, depending on the needs and preferences. But how much do we really know about the products we consume…? For many consumers the day starts with a glass of milk. Did you know that milk contains some of the most important elements through which our health depends?


Iron, the group of vitamins A, D, E, B and a number of other important ingredients we get every day through the products we consume. Did you know that milk is a good controller of your appetite and helps in weight loss? Milk is the most important product of our diets, from the first day we come to life, our development depends on the consumption of this product.


Bone health and dental health also depend on milk consumption especially for children. Milk proteins improve blood sugar balance, and thus become an important element of diabetes prevention. Even the heart has an essential need for milk consumption, as it regulates blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.


All these benefits are found only in a glass of milk where each of us consumes it at least once a day. But back to the first question: Do we really know the products we consume?


Does our glass of milk have all of these nutritional values mentioned above? Just go to a market one morning and you can see that dairy products are traded on the street, totally outside the standards of storage and hygiene. And this is where we need to understand that all these benefits can not stay in our glass of milk if the raw material has not gone through a series of control processes to guarantee its quality. We can not be comfortable with the product we consume if we do not know that the farmer has taken care of the food that the cow has consumed, health, hygiene, keeping the milk in optimal conditions, fermentation, packaging as well as transportation.


Now we can easily imagine how many things can happen to milk until it reaches our table, and of course we can not have a farm of our own and take care of it ourselves. Do not worry, you do not need to think about it because Lufra thinks about you. And if you have any questions just do a little research or just a test and you will find that the product that your health needs is on the shelf of your nearest store and bears the Lufra label.


You do not have to consume unsafe when our best experts in Lufra think about your safety.


Çdo ditë sjellim në tryezat tuaja produktet më të shëndetshme të qumështit të freskët, të kontrolluara dhe të përpunuara sipas standarteve bashkëkohore Europiane.

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