Lufra is registered as a Trademark in the territory of the European Union and Serbia

Lufra is registered as a Trademark in the territory of the European Union and Serbia. Regarding the Article 189 (2) EUTMR and Article 79 (2) EUTMDR, the trademark “Lufra” is registered and is now recognized as a protected trademark throughout the territories of the European Union and Serbia. Is it an important step that is achieved through the tireless work of the executives and employees of the company and a step that brings us closer to the vision of our company.

The registration of our trademark protects the authenticity of the products and does not allow the copying of the authentic Albanian products Lufra. There are not so many companies that own certification, although knowledge of certifications and registrations has become very important in Albania. Trademarks are an extremely effective means of communication. The benefits that this registration gives to our brand start from the fact that our brand is protected from any infringement, copying or damage in order to damage the reputation of the company Lufra or replicate the products produced.

The key to the success that comes after thus certification is to differentiate in the market and place the brand on other levels comparing it with the best international brands. We wish and aim that in the near future Lufra products will be available in market refrigerators in EU countries.

Çdo ditë sjellim në tryezat tuaja produktet më të shëndetshme të qumështit të freskët, të kontrolluara dhe të përpunuara sipas standarteve bashkëkohore Europiane.

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Lufra Foods është një kompani ushqimore dhe e pijeve që prodhon dhe shpërndan markat e saj të suksesshme si Lufra, Tido, Tradita, Beneta dhe uji Dukat, ndërsa gjithashtu shpërndan marka të tjera të importuara nga rajoni dhe ndërkombëtarisht.