Success stories of our employees

Our employees are one of the main pillars on which we rely for the running of the work. Their training, motivation, career development tells a lot about our company.

Kristjan Zoja

Area Sales Manager

Kristi has been part of the Lufra company for 5 years. He started working as a sales agent for the Tirana area and gradually grew in career by taking the position of sales manager for Tirana, one of the cities with the highest demand for Lufra products. His negotiating skills, professional communication with clients and ethics in their relationship, served Kristi to achieve more success in his work.

Today he manages a team of 20 employees who make sure that fresh Lufra products go to your nearest market every morning.

The challenges that Kristi has faced are many, but he says that the key to success is to listen to the consumer, his demands and react quickly to changes in the market.

Marjon Qama

Sales Manager for Kosovo

Marjon has been part of the Lufra company team for 12 years.

His story is inspiring and motivates new employees to join the team. Marjoni started his journey in Lufra as a sales agent for the Tirana area in 2009.

After achieving a high sales performance, displaying ethics and professionalism in working with clients and other staff members, he was promoted to Sales Manager, a position he has held most best of 7 years. Among his greatest achievements Marjon mentions his role in the geographical expansion of the company and negotiations with customers.

Evaluating the various trainings organized by the company "Lufra" on Sales and Customer Relations, Marjoni says that: "The key to success is always the Customer and his needs".

Meli Shateri

Quality Manager

Meli has been part of the Lufra company team for 3 years.

She has started her work in the company in the position of laboratory assistant at the analysis laboratory. Thanks to the dedication shown and professionalism, Meli was gradually promoted and today holds the role of Quality Manager. A newly established and well-structured department.

At Lufra, Meli has been part of many trainings inside and outside the country to perfect management and quality control techniques.

Quality is one of our pillars and we take care to be at the highest levels. This department constantly recruits new employees and develops talents that display dedication and work ethic.

Granit Qose

Project and investment manager

Graniti is the Project and Investment Manager at Lufra. As part of the company for more than 17 years, Graniti has made an invaluable contribution to becoming the market leader of the "Lufra" brand.

Working in this company has brought him motivation, professional growth but also many challenges which have been successfully faced. As Graniti conducts a conversation with the new members of the group, she shows how the technology used by Lufra had evolved and advanced compared to its beginnings with the implementation of modern milk pasteurization or homogenization machines, always focusing on the future, with passion and optimism

Granit tells us about the challenges and the help that "Lufra" has given to farmers but also the impact on the surrounding community and not only. The company "Lufra" already registers about 300 employees throughout Albania!

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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