Innovation and Strategic Investments

A strategic development that makes a big step towards the realization of our mission is the start of exports to the US followed by the opening of our branch in Pristina, Kosovo where we expect to start selling in the first days of January 2022.

Farm development

In addition to the formula for calculating the price for farmers, we have helped in the direct development of more than 10 farms by directly financing them for investments that have been needed, to increase quality and production capacity.

Innovations in logistics and production department

Recently, the new logistics park in Lushnje is almost complete with new parking and service spaces. Also in the refrigerated vans is installed a special technology for measuring the temperature and ensuring optimal conditions of the products. Some new investments in production and packaging technology very important for the safety of products such as: Krones machine for the production of plastic bottles, new machine for filling yogurt with cups and new machine for packaging butter. These technological investments increase the safety of the product for the consumer, bringing us one step closer to our mission: “To make ‘made in Albania’ products desired and trusted all over the world”.

Market research developments

For the first time, we have measured the preferences of consumers for Lufra products and we are proud to tell you that due to the work of all teams in different departments, 91% of consumers mention the Lufra brand first when talking about dairy products.

Digital System

We already have a secure and even more transparent digital compensation system for our farmers which encourages the continuous improvement of the quality and quantity of milk they produce and sell at Lufra.


Consumers when choosing Lufra products have Quality and Taste in mind!

Standard and quality

We have recently succeeded in changing all the labels according to the new food labeling law adapted to the European labeling law, all this with the support of the new well-structured quality department. The quality department is one more guarantee in our factory to control and ensure the quality of the finished products we produce.

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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Lufra Foods is a food and beverage company which produces and distributes its own very successful brands like Lufra, Tido, Tradita, Beneta and Dukat water, and also distributes other regional and international imported brands.

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