Our vision

To make ‘Made in Albania’ products desired and trusted all over the world!

Our Mission

To offer customers the healthiest and highest quality dairy products by supporting local farmers and working with ethics, transparency, and reliability.

Lufra has continuously expanded the market in which it operates and today covers the entire Republic of Albania. We seek at all times to improve your health by improving our products. Since the quality and originality of our products depends directly on nature, one of our long-term strategies is to respect it.

We strongly believe in our vision and values.

Every cell of our business protects ethical principles, trust and transparency. It is on these principles that our social responsibility programs are built. Keeping promises is an element that differentiates us in the market, we never break the word given.

Mr. Arben dhe Mrs. Antoneta Ndreka

Discover innovations
at Lufra

We already have a secure and even more transparent digital compensation system for our farmers which encourages the continuous improvement of the quality and quantity of milk they produce and sell at Lufra.

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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Lufra Foods is a food and beverage company which produces and distributes its own very successful brands like Lufra, Tido, Tradita, Beneta and Dukat water, and also distributes other regional and international imported brands.

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