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“Lufra” has been part of the Albanian families for 30 years and as such, we have tried to expand and improve the range of products offered!

TiDo Brand

TiDo is the newest brand from Lufra, which offers fresh, natural and creamy yogurt with jam with real fruit pieces, with cereals, with honey or even as is. With TIDO, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CHOOSES! TiDo is in the SPLIT-CUP variant where you can choose how much jam, honey or cereal you want to enjoy with the yogurt.

Tradi'a Products

Tradi’a is a new brand that stands under the umbrella of the parent brand “Lufra” and aims to introduce the taste of dairy products as in the early days, at the same time contributing to our causes of supporting farmers!

Beneta Products

Beneta is a separate, registered trademark of vegetable fat and analogue products.


Cremona is a well-known Italian brand which produces authentic Italian cheeses, of which Lufra has signed a collaboration agreement to be the exclusive distributor in Albania. 

Qumështorja 'Bylmeti'

Lufra is the exclusive distributor of Qumështorja ‘Bylmeti’ Kosovo brand for Albania.


Lufra is the official distributor of Bonizzi products in Albania. Bonizzi Italian milk is in UHT format for all consumers who prefer this type of pasteurization.


Lufra is the exclusive distributor of NÖM products in Albania which offers milk with coffee mix, cappuccino and macchiato. Amazing product quality, without additives, preservatives and ingredients harmful to health.

Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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