People behind the brand

Our employees are one of the main pillars on which we rely for the running of the work. Their training, motivation, career development tells a lot about our company.

Directors Board

Arben Ndreka


All our partners, employees and associates know Mr. Arben for his credibility and strong business intuition. He has started from scratch a business which for 30 years remains the leader in the dairy market in Albania.

Antoneta Ndreka

Member of the Board of Directors

Mrs. Antoneta is a role model for women in entrepreneurship. She is the honorary president of the Women's Chamber of Commerce and Director of Production and Planning at Lufra.

Luis Ndreka


Luis's vision is to make 'Made in Albania' products loved all over the world! Always looking for new ideas and implementing innovations, Luisi has been able to further expand and develop the company.

Franc Ndreka

Member of the board of directors

Nothing is more important than consistency. In every job you start you have to shine! Franc is also the CEO of the water company Dukat which is marking a huge growth in the Albanian market.

Department Directors

Ardian Skënderasi

Sales Director

Ardian is always looking for the challenge. His motto is: 98% is ok, but let's work to improve the remaining 2%!

Bashkim Dema

Finance manager

Team is Strength: Weaving Energy and Collaboration for Success in Group.

Inesa Kaja

Production Manager

Inesa as part of the company for 10 years has had a major impact on the development of the production department, staff and the smooth running of the work.

Granit Qose

Project and investment manager

Graniti as part of the company for 20 years considers the company Lufra as part of his family!

Meli Shateri

Quality Manager

For Meli: Quality is what stays in the mind of the consumer. The department she leads carries one of our pillars of foundation!

Sara Llubani


The slogan with which Sara continues to work forward is: Let’s make a dent on the universe!

Ina Tani

Legal representative

Legal Excellence, Ethical Confidence: Empowering Tomorrow, Today!

Amadeo Metalla

Purchasing Manager

Integrity and professional ethics are the qualities that characterize Amadeo during his work in the purchasing department!

Idlir Prendi

Maintenance Manager

Idlir's motto is: Accuracy, correctness and speed! Only thanks to these elements can the right results be achieved!

Dëfrim Haliti

M.I.S Manager

Dëfrim is always updated regarding the latest technology and digital systems. He has made a large contribution on the Information Systems of the company.

Aldo Qose

Human Resources Manager

Aldo's slogan is: A truth becomes part of the past, a lie becomes part of the future.

Julion Lici

Milk Collection Mananger

Harvesting Excellence: Where Precision Meets Dairy Innovation in Milk Collection Management.

Staff trainings

We have created a platform which contains training programs for employees of each department, with the aim of developing professional and interpersonal skills at work.
During 2021, the company ” Lufra ” developed more than 26 dedicated training programs, with foreign and local experts, which had an immediate impact on increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

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Every day we bring to your tables the healthiest fresh milk products, controlled and processed according to contemporary European standards.

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Lufra Foods is a food and beverage company which produces and distributes its own very successful brands like Lufra, Tido, Tradita, Beneta and Dukat water, and also distributes other regional and international imported brands.

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